Keys to Successful Servant Leadership

These 10 Keys to Successful Servant Leadership came from an email (ezine) from Sylvia Hepler with Launching Lives Executive Coaching.  I read and thought what a great post it would be for my Active Rain friends. I also have invited Sylvia to join Active Rain, so I hope she will be an Active Rain newbie soon! 

I can harKeys to succsful servant leadershipdly believe that Joy Daniels Real Estate Group has been open for two and a half years now. I am constantly feeding my mind with insight that I can use to work with my team constructively. I thought these 10 tips were very good reminders of how to achieve a happy and satisfied team. I have done a lot of study on Servant Leadership and invite you to join our group and share your insight on leadership with us. And just an fyi - this post is a remake from a prior post - Inspiring Staff to Greatness  

10 Strategies for Inspiring Staff to Greatness


1. Adopt the mindset that you want to be more than an average supervisor.

This has to be a conscious, deliberate decision. You have to want this in order to make it happen.

2. Model exemplary behavior.

If you desire greatness in your employees, then you need to model the behavior that will grow them to greatness. It's not unusual for people to copy the behavior they observe from the top tier of an organization.

3. Keep rules simple.

While you need to establish some rules and enforce company policies, consider simplifying whatever you can. Avoid creating unnecessary complexities that punch holes in employee morale.

4. Remove obstacles for staff.

Don't make life harder for your staff than it needs to be. Part of serving as a resource is to pave the way for optimal, easy work flow and project completion.

5. Teach people according to how they learn best.

People are individuals, and their learning styles vary. Some are visual learners, others auditory or kinesthetic. Take time to find out how each of your employees absorb and integrate information best. Wherever possible, cater to those preferences.

6. Make it safe for staff to take reasonable risks.

Know that employees grow by making mistakes and taking risks. Invite them to step outside their comfort zone on occasion. Support them in these efforts that, for many, are scary. People should not be punished for risk-taking as long as it makes sense in the situation.

7. Help staff to find their passion.

Employees who work in alignment with their passions are generally the "stars". Give people the opportunity to find their passions and make contributions that stem from them.

8. Frame everything using motivational language.

Even the bad news can be communicated with a positive, uplifting spin . It's all a matter of how you state it. There is a big difference between announcing that "everybody's job description is going to be changed" and "every one of you is going to get the opportunity to reinvent yourselves".

9. Create a memorable experience for them.

Work doesn't have to be drudgery-a meaningless daily grind. Work can be motivating, satisfying, fulfilling. At times it can even be fun. As a supervisor, tap into your creativity to design a real experience for your staff where they can see they are making a difference within the organization, the community, the world. This is called "adding the sparkle" to what has to get done.

10. Develop a culture of trust.

The finest work gets done within an environment where people trust each other. Why? They can focus on the work instead of on each other's disappointing behaviors. A culture of trust is a solid foundation for great things to take place. Reward small demonstrations of trustworthy actions by giving people even bigger reasons to trust them. Trust begets trust.                          

Here's to a Successful 2013 and success in gathering and using your own set of Keys to Successful Leadership!




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These 10 Keys to Successful Servant Leadership came from an email (ezine) from Sylvia Hepler with Launching Lives Executive Coaching. I read and thought what a great post it would be for my ActiveRain friends. I also have invited Sylvia to join… more
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