Referrals Need a Stamp of Approval!

When you have been in business for as long as I have (30 years!) you tend to have a lot people (family, friends, former clients) asking you to help them find a real estate agent in the area where they have planned to move or where they have friends or family living that need to sell a home so they can make a move.  Honestly it is a small task for a nice referral payment.  Or is it?  It may be small, but it is VERY important.  I feel like my reputation is on the line when I give a referral, so it is my responsbility to choose carefully. I will not refer an agent that does not have stamp of approval! 


We keep a record of referrals that we have made with comments on how they reactions of how things went from both the person who was given the referral and the agent who accepted the referral.  This is my first “go to” source.  I have developed nice relationships with agents that live in areas that tend to have a higer Relocation population and feel comfortable referring them.  I always call them and talk about the new referral so they are comfortable and confident when that first connection happens. 


If there is not a past referral agent in the area I currently need, I check Active Rain.  I look to see if there is an agent in the area I need and if I do find one, I hope that I am able to recognize them from my time on Active Rain.  If not, I read their blogs and then send them an email and ask them to contact me.  That is the first test – how long does it take them to respond to my request.  Communitcation is key!  When we do connect, we have a good conversation so I can see if they will be a good source.  I have only one time had a conversation that instantly I knew would not make a good connection!  My other Active Rain referrals have all been very successful.


Often I find there is not an Agent on Active Rain that covers the area I am looking, so if I see an agent that I have come to respect near that area I need, I often call them and ask them for any referral suggestions.   That too has been a successful way to find a good referral.


If I still have not had success in locating that right Referral, I go the Mastermind group I belong too.  This group is Nationwide and all agents are in the top 1% of their market.  I have met many of them at conventions or events, but if not, I am confident of their experience and skill levels. 


As I said before, it is crucial for me to find a Referral agent that will nurture my family, friends or clients similarly to how I nurture my clients.   If not I know I could will end up with both parties having a bad experience and perhaps negative thoughts towards me.  


I don’t look only at experience or age.  I have found new, young agents that are motived to be successful be the best choice.   I have great agent friends that both male and female, so that too is not something I take into consideration.  I know the people who have asked me for a referral and so I consider what would make them most comfortable.   That is what I think is key to finding a good referral – knowing who you are referring an agent too and knowing (at least a little!) the agent you given the referral too. 


When I was with a corporate Real Estate agency I did get “corporate” real estate referrals and thought when I went out on my own, that I would lose that referral source.  What I have found is now I receive referrals from Corparate Agents, as well as small Agency agents.  I appreciate when they call me and ask me questions so that they feel comforable in referring their “referral” to me.  I discovered I can learn good questions to ask from ones I have been asked. 


Finding the right Referral Agent is a lot like what Sellers are told about finding the right Listing Agent or Buyers are told about finding the right Buyer Agent.  When I talk to the possible Referral I ask myself – Are they enthusistic about representing my referral?  Were they able to share anything with me about what makes them valuable to my referral?  Of course I need to know they are comfortable with the referral fee and send me the right “referral” paperwork. 


If the COMMUNICATION was good, the SKILL or MOTIVATION high and the ORGANIZATON right –

I have probably found a good referral agent!



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